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Kami menjual pintu otomatis yang berkualitas tinggi buatan jepang, Pintu otomatis kami dapat digunakan gedung-gedung perkantoran, mall, supermarket, perhotelan, rumah sakit dan bandara. Selain itu, kami juga menjual pintu ruang operasi.Hubungi kami sekarang juga!
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BARRIER GATE - Products Detail Information
Barrier Gates
Barrier Gate
Barrier Gates
fastmatic® Traffic Barrier / Barrier Gate / Boom Gate / Palang Parkir / Portal Otomatis

for heavy traffic parking area

vg-900 Series is a specially design system for large commercial parking lots which need a quick treatment of parkers and safety for vehicle and passengers simultaneously.

The system has a 1.0 second of opening time for quick treatment of parkers and 2.0 second of closing time for the safety.
Opening time : 1.0 sec
Closing time : 2.0 sec
Smart breaking : Control based on data from the motor, almost no vibration at the end position
Voltage/ frequency free
No. limit switch
Battery backup operation on power failure

High Speed Intelligent Barrier G400 for commercial parking facility
Unique fast up and safe down movement

The main features G-400 are : 
- Opening time 1.0 sec and, 
- Closing Time 2.0 sec.
- Almost no vibration of the bar at the end positions.
- Minimized heat & noise, high efficiency epsilon motor.
- Frequency free, usable at any fequency of power without additional setting.
- Intelligent control of optimum acceleration and deceleration.
- No limit switch.

Housing : 
- Cold Rolled sheet steel of 2mm thickness
- Zinc plating with powder coating finished

Mechanism : 
- Direct connection of the motor and driving shaft
- Zinc plate finish of the lever and body

Technical Specification : 
- Bar ( Aluminum Round Profile 3.0M) 
- Opening Time 1.0 sec
- Closing Time 2.0 sec
- Frequency & Voltage ( free) 
- Power Consumption ( max 200 watt) 
- Dimension ( wxdxh) 350x350x1035 ( mm) 
- Weight ( not incl boom) 58 Kgs
- Drive ( Inverter Motor = BLDC) 

Kami juga menjual flap barrier terlengkap. Tersedia banyak pilihan untuk segera kebutuhan Anda. Terima kasih!
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